• Reckless Love

    Cory Asbury














    "Wow what an amazing album.  I was truly blown away and encouraged..."


    If we want deeper revelations of the Fathers amazing love, compassion and desire for you, this album reaffirms it over and over again: the relentless pursuit that the Father has for us, His absolute longing to connect with us, in a deep intimate relationship shines within each track.  Each song adds another layer and reveals a deeper aspect of the Fathers love for His children.


    You won’t let go: Timely and encouraging reminders of how the Father sees beyond our weaknesses.  He is for us, His love will never fail us! He will never let us go!


    Endless: As far as the East is from the West His measureless love is without limit constant and overwhelming.  How brilliant to know that we are always connected to Him.  Nothing can stand in the way of the Father and His thoughts towards us.


    Only takes a moment: When you hit dark places in life and you feel like you are sinking fast the Father’s love shines and reaches for your heart.  He takes your hand and leads you forward.  It only takes a moment for the Father to fix things! Our cry in response is ‘I need You.’ And the wonderful thing is – He comes.


    Garments: Wow! The positive life of the Kingdom is revealed - this is who we are in Jesus, this is who we are in the eyes of the Father!

    When we see our ashes, He sees our dreams.  We see frailty, He sees might.  We see blindness He sees light. When we see weakness He sees the victory and blood of Jesus over our lives which has made us His sons and daughters.

     He has given us garments of praise, fullness of joy and unending mercy that is new every morning.  We were lost until He called us out by name, we were down until He picked us up!  We were dead until He saved us back to life!  His amazing life!  And He sang over us.  How amazing is that!!!

    The love story of the album continues expounding the love of God, how He gives Himself again and again, time and time again. The Father gives His heart completely:


    Your love is strong: a declaration of worship. The Fathers heart is strong enough to calm storms and fierce enough to combat every insecurity.  He is close enough to hold us near when fear is near.  The track reveals further how the Father raises us up in resurrection power.  His love has broken the cages that have silenced us!  We now have a voice given to us by the Father to worship, to praise, to bless.

    As we allow ourselves to fall deeper and deeper into His everlasting arms we realise that those arms are the strength to carry us, to guide us and protect us.

    We are at home when we are in His arms!  Safe, secure and set on a course of unrelenting blessing.


    Endless Alleluia: The album ends with resounding praise, 24/7.  This beautiful song encourages us to have the Father at the starting and finishing point of everyday.

    With our first love, He is the only one we want to cling to, the first thought on our mind.  Each new day we can witness endless miracles if we look to Him.

    Our hearts can echo to Him Endless Alleluias. The security and promise of Eternity with our loving Father is simply breath-taking.

    We are encouraged to worship and declare that even in the midst of daily life He is still the only one we want to cling to, He’s the last thought on our mind.


    As Cory Asbury proclaims about the Fathers presence: ‘There’s nothing better than this right now!’




  • More

    Jeremy Riddle


















    This song encapsulates just what happens to us when we're in His presence, that close, thick and tangible presence of our Father. Our desire for Him deepens and our heart-cry is simply just for MORE of Him. As we sing this song we remind ourselves even when we are in the desert seasons of life, of what He has done for us, how He has changed us from the inside-out and that He IS going to continue to do these things. 'When You move I can't recover, I get wrecked when I rediscover more; when You speak I see new colours and all my heart longs to uncover more.'


    Even If:

    'No matter how many mountains I face nothings gonna hold back my praise.' This is an amazing song that really is speaking to our own soul, that "no matter what, 'even if I feel defeat' I will praise You Lord."  It's a real faith-proclaiming song where no matter what, you CHOOSE to dig your heels in and choose God, choose faith, choose to trust Him NO MATTER the circumstances.


    It Only Get's Stronger:

    His love just goes on and on and it never ends. He understands, He knows, He sees all the pain we carry.  Part of the lyrics in this song are, 'All these lies that have kept me blind disappear as I'm beholding You'. That just sums up the power and love of Jesus, as we behold Him everything else fades away, it all comes to nothing. But His love, He Himself sets us free.



    'I'm wide awake wide awake in wonder, I can't escape, can't escape Your great love. I'm wide awake, wide awake in Your presence, it's overwhelming!'

    This is a song that reminds us of just how good God's love REALLY is. How He has NEVER failed to be with us, help us and lead us along the way. It's just so overwhelming to really think about how much He truly loves each and every one of us.


    All Hail King Jesus:

    Wow! All Hail King Jesus creates such a vivid picture of the event of the crucifixion of Jesus, how He died just for us and how He rose from the dead JUST FOR US. This is a fantastic song, to remember all that Jesus did for us on that cross and that it wasn't for nothing, it was to set us free FOREVER. Something that we could never possibly do in our own strength, but only His.


    No Fear In Your Love:

    To know that we run into Love Who has no fear is just freeing to our innermost beings. Part of the lyric proclaims 'I run into Your presence, I come as I am', so in our weakness we can come to Him and run into Love as He is welcoming us all the time into His presence no matter how much we think we're failing - He loves us with no conditions and with no strings attached.


    Holy Ground:

    When we fully let go and surrender to Him, when we release all our cares to Him and look to Him, when we look in His eyes and praise Him all the other things that consumed much of our minds and our time don't worry us when we are focussed on praising Him. We realise how holy Jesus is and how He is ALL around us. That is what this song is about. When we're in God's presence, nothing else matters.


    Love On Fire:

    This song is all about our own personal fire we have for Jesus. He reminds us of how coming to Him like a child is the best way. He changes us all in the best way and when we are changed by Him, we just can't help but worship Him. We become unafraid of what anyone else thinks, because all of the praise is to Him and He deserves it all!!!



    The Father comes running to you with His arms wide open.

    'No matter how far you run away or how long you hide your face, there's just one thing that'll never change - you're loved' He doesn't see us the same way we see ourselves, He accepts us right now, just as we are! 'Love's been waiting fierce and strong, it hasn't left you, it can't forget.' An unstoppable Father of love chases you down.


    Sing To My Heart:

    Even when we don't feel God with us, when we don't feel anything special happening, when we feel a million miles away from where we think we should be, we choose to listen to the song that God is singing over us, 'when You sing to me I come awake, roar of waterfalls calling my name'. He is ALWAYS singing over us in every season we're in.


    Made In Love:

    God made us in love, we were made to reach the heights, dream big and live just like our Father. We can't comprehend the One who is Love, the One is wild for us, the One who breaks down ALL our defences. His love is just SO amazing!!!!





As a Worship team we are always being asked what we are listening to and what music do you recommend. Therefore we thought it would be a good idea to start reviewing some albums for you! So here are some of the music that we are listening to, although we always say the list is by no means exhaustive!!





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