Don’t be Intimidated by those who are older than you;  Simply be the example they need to see by being faithful and true in all that you do. Speak the truth and live a life of purity and authentic love as you remain strong in your faith. - 1 Timothy 4:12


Fusion is for people aged 12-18. A chance to hang out and be ourselves without the 'oldies' watching. Enjoying a time of letting go in exuberant praise, worshipping Jesus and drawing close to God.


We were all designed by God for a purpose in life, to fulfil our destiny and be the best that we can be. It's amazing how often our own hopes and dreams in life coincide with God's. As we learn to live life God's way, He helps us so that we don't have to 'go it alone', we go in God's strength and empowering.

There's always plenty of time at the end to chill out together, play pool and table tennis, chat and have a laugh.


Looking forward to seeing you, just come right in.



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