Data Protection Policy

Our Responsibly


There are occasions where we will collect personal information from you as part of our activities. We are responsible for managing any information we hold about you and we take this responsibility seriously. We recognise that this information is important to you and it will be stored securely and will not be shared with any third party unless we are required by law to do so.

At any time you have the right to request that your personal information be removed from our records by contacting or speaking to a member of the team.


Why do we need your personal information?


Children’s activities

To deliver many of the children’s activities we offer, we are required by law to collect certain personal about you and your child for the purpose of Health and Safety and Safeguarding. Your children will not be allowed to take part in some activities unless this information is provided to us.


Gift aid

We are grateful to those who kindly give financially to the church. If you are a UK tax payer then we can claim back a proportion of the tax in the form of ‘gift aid’. If you want to support the church in this way then we will need to collect certain personal information from you which is passed onto H M Revenue & Customs. You can opt out of the scheme at any time, however we are required to retain your personal information for the purpose of financial audits for a period of 6 years.


News and info

You have the option to subscribe to our newsfeeds or request additional information about the church through our website. This information is provided by your choice and you can request for your details to be removed from our records at any time. Again we will not share this information with any one else.



If you feel the need to make a formal complaint against the church or any of the leadership, then we may need to collect your personal information as part of the investigation. We are required to keep this information for a period of 6 years.


Your rights


Under the Data Protection legislation you have the following rights:

• To access any information we hold about you and have it given back to you.

• To request that we correct any information about you that is incorrect.

• To request that any information we hold about you be erased.

• To restrict the use of the information we hold about you.

• To stop any information we hold about you being used for the purposes of marketing.

• To make a complaint to the information commissioner if you are not happy with how we are holding or handling your personal information.

You can contact us about any of these by e-mailing or speaking to a member of the team.

We will seek to respond to your requests within one month.


If you are not happy with the response you receive then you can contact the Information Commissioner at:


ICO Wales

2nd Floor

Churchill House

Churchill Way


CE10 2HH








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